House Hunting: Best Signs of a Kid-Friendly Neighborhood

A street of residential houses

Moving with kids to another house, in another area, is a vital requirement in your hunt for the perfect location. Put simply, you need to find a family-friendly neighborhood. But what specific characteristics should you focus on? Below are important signs to look out for when looking at different neighborhoods:


This should be your top priority when shopping around for a potential home for your family, advises a prime real estate broker in Denver. Are the streets kid-friendly and well lit? Could you see kids or pets walking around even at nighttime?

Check out the businesses around the neighborhood as well. Having pizza or ice cream parlors within walking distance is more desirable than bars if you have children. If possible, avoid areas near heavy traffic, and noisy, dangerous railroad tracks.

Proximity to Kid-specific Necessities

Not all family-perfect neighborhoods are necessarily perfect for your family. For example, how far is the daycare or school from the house? Could your kids walk to school or do you have to give them a ride? What about the area’s proximity to your work and public transport? Think about what you’re willing to give up to be close to these necessities.

Kid-Friendly Amenities

For a neighborhood to be considered perfect for families, it needs to have the right amenities close by. Take a drive around to look for parks, playgrounds, and other kid-friendly recreational centers. Also, it’s important that you see kids playing or at least signs that there are kids in the area. For example, see if you could spot play equipment such as slides, swings, trampolines, etc.

It’s also a good idea to speak to your would-be neighbors. Check how many of them have kids and ask them directly what they think about the neighborhood, specifically from their perspective as parents. Remember, when your precious kids are involved, a mediocre neighborhood isn’t enough, especially if you’re looking to put down roots in your future neighborhood.