How Dating Can Bring You Dissatisfaction and Disappointment

Dating Choosing to save yourself for that special someone is an admirable and honourable quality. However, it shouldn’t be based solely on society and peer pressure. Find out why you choose to be unhappy while you’re still single so you can stop it now.

You Rush It

You’ve heard about the statistics and watched all the movies. Anyone who doesn’t get into a relationship by the time they’re in their twenties has fewer chances of finding a life partner. That’s a terrible impetus to live by and makes finding a spouse more of a race than a life choice. If you’re the last person in your Tunbridge Wells group to ever find a steady date, don’t stress over it. It’s your happiness and it’s your choice who to book your wedding venue with in the future.

You Let Others Choose for You

The stress of seeing other people find a long-time lover, get married, or have kids can be overwhelming. Even so, choosing a partner based on other people’s successes is not the ideal method of finding a date. Pick one that is based on what your own interests. If your friends respect and understand you, they would know when to use their own intuitions or back off entirely.

Every Stranger is a Suspect

A hello, a look, or even a touch becomes a nightmare scenario. You think that they’re coming on to you and they have wicked intentions. Don’t look at every new conversation thinking they’re just looking to get in your pants. Respect begets the same, so keep your morals and standards, but don’t assume the worst in everyone.

Dating is often a fun social ritual that allows a person to choose their lifetime partner. Sometimes, it can lead to other sorts of relationships such as friendship. Keep an open mind, but learn to guard your heart against personal biases and fears. When asking someone out or saying yes to an invitation don’t forget that you are also supposed to have fun and not just find a wedding proposal.