How Much Is Too Much? The Right Price to Spend on a Furnace

New furnace filter isolated on white background

When buying a furnace unit, there is no simple way to explain how much you must spend on it. You will need to assess your situation such as the location and size of your home, as well as your monetary resources. Before making any decision, speak with a Salt Lake City-based heating contractor and repair expert first. The following are some of the considerations to discuss:

High-efficiency furnaces vs. low-efficiency furnaces

Probably the most typical inquiry that residents have is if they should spend a tad more for a high-efficiency surface. The answer will be based on how many years you would want to live in that home. It can have an impact on the amount of cash you will spend in the long run. With a high-efficiency unit, you will also receive tax credit for the installation.

Meanwhile, you will also save cash if you buy a low-efficiency furnace because they are cheaper. You can use the extra money to improve other areas of your home instead, such as insulation upgrade or window replacement. Besides, the federal tax credits are also covered with this one. It doesn’t matter what you choose because you will get the benefit of tax credits for both choices.

Premium furnaces vs. alternative home heating

If you need or want an energy-efficient, high-capacity furnace, decide if you should even begin buying a new furnace in the first place. Instead of digging a hole in your wallet by getting the most costly furnace, consider setting up hydronic heating that goes with your furnace.

You can even replace windows, get a geothermal heat pump or install new insulation as an alternative to buying an expensive one. These are just a part of the heating system of your home.

The prices of furnace units are quite variable. You can buy one for a few hundred bucks or over a couple thousand dollars. It will all depend on your money, condition and requirements. Think about the points listed above to help you with your choices.