How to Avoid Car Accidents During Winter Months

Winter Season in PapatoetoeWhen you’re driving, safety is a top priority. During the winter months, driving becomes even more challenging. Here are some tips on how to stay safe on the road during the cold season and avoid car accidents.

1. Adjust and Monitor Tire Air Pressure

During the cold season, it’s common for the tire air pressures to go down. To maintain your tires, you need to adjust tire air pressure to ensure a smoother ride.

2. Keep Your Distance

For safety, you need to keep a good distance from the car in front of you. This is a basic rule in driving that you need to follow regardless of the seasons. But during the winter months, this rule becomes even more critical. This will help you prevent accidentally bumping into the car in front of you in case it suddenly stops and you have little time to slow down.

3. Prevent Potential Dangers

If you think the car behind you is inching too close or driving too fast, change lanes if you can. It’s better to prevent any potential accident than leaving it to Lady Luck. Breen Panelbeaters says while your car has insurance policies and South Auckland panel beaters can easily repair small dents, if you can prevent them, then it’s best for everyone.

4. Check Your Exhaust Pipes

A clogged exhaust can cause carbon monoxide leakage. It is recommended that you regularly check your exhaust pipe and remove any buildup of mud, snow or ice. Even if it’s not winter, keep the habit.

5. Drive Slowly

It takes you longer to slow down when you’re driving on icy roads. Make sure you have enough time and space to slow down when there’s a traffic light. Avoid skidding by applying gas slowly. This will also help you regain better traction on the road.

6. Avoid Any Distractions

Driving in the extreme weather conditions requires your full attention so limit any distraction if possible. Increased awareness and alertness will help you react more quickly if needed. Don’t use your smartphones when driving. Avoid answering calls or sending SMS when you’re driving. If you’re driving with passengers in tow, especially family, create sound ground rules when you’re on the road.

Drive Safely In Winter Wonderland

When the weather is really bad and you really don’t need to go out and drive, do stay home and let the bad weather pass. We hope these tips can help you stay safe during the winter. Drive safely!