How to Ensure Excellent Customer Service in Your Salon

Hair salon

It is another day at your salon. All your chairs are clean, your mirrors spotless, and you have got your scissors, shears, hair dryers, and brushes all in place. As you open your doors to your customers, you want to make sure you exude the aura of a professional hairdresser. One that possesses superior hairdressing skills and provides excellent customer service.

Here are some tips on how to achieve and keep a good relationship with your customers:

Always greet them with a smile

As cliché as it may seem, a smile does go a long way in making customers feel welcomed. If the first thing your customers see is a genuine and sincere smile on your face, they will know right away that they came to the right salon. Having the best pair of hair thinning scissors is not enough; you need to establish a great connection with your customers. Positivity is contagious, as long as it is real.

Have the right communication skills

This means listening to your customers when they explain a specific style that they want. It is being honest enough to tell them if that style will not work for them. And it is being able to give them alternatives or suggestions.

Keep them engaged

Ask them for any feedback. In hairdressing, asking for the opinion of your customers is important to meet their needs. Explain the procedures, so they will know that you are keeping them in the loop and not just doing your own thing.

Be knowledgeable

Many customers would ask you about the products you use. Make sure you know the answers. An “I’m not sure” answer would affect your credibility as a hairdresser. Keep up with the latest trends and salon technology that will make your business popular among existing and potential customers.

Remember that as a hairdresser, you do not only cut your customer’s hair. It is also your job to listen to their needs and make them feel good about themselves. Follow these tips to build a stable and growing customer base.