If New York Has Subway Shops, Singapore Has Thriving Commercial Hubs

Singapore has long been a commercial hub, and it only continues to grow and adapt. Akin to the transformation of the Grand Central Terminal during the 1990s into one of the most-frequented retail hubs, Singapore has also seen a rapid development of its commercial and business hubs.

In fact, the dynamic city-state is becoming a prime business location, transforming the way Singaporeans live it up.

New York Takes Inspiration from Singapore’s Underground Retail

Susan Fine, the woman responsible for the renovation and retail transformation of a bland subway station corridor to Grand Central Terminal is, in fact, taking inspiration from the underground retail scene in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Fine says she can bring the same mini-mall magic that characterises the bustling commercial hubs in the ASEAN region to Columbus Circle. The Columbus Circle project began in 2012, and now it is one of NYC’s most upscale underground hot spots.

Singapore Offers Unique Business and Commercial Establishments

Singapore’s development is primarily centred on its status as a regional business centre. Its competitive edge in attracting investments is attributed to the presence of future-ready infrastructure – offering a balance between work and play opportunities for tourists and residents alike.

Besides the well-known Central Business District for finance, upcoming Paya Lebar commercial establishment and their largest medical research hub named the Biopolis are just some of their unique business offerings boosting its status.

A Rising Business Hub in the ASEAN Region

The island amassed a total of $600-800 billion in foreign direct investments in 2010 to 2013 alone, making Singapore a crucial global commercial centre. One could say that Singapore’s highly efficient infrastructure provides a secure environment for businesses to explore various local opportunities.

To top that off, the city-state also has impressive technological readiness and transportation rankings. It is no surprise, then, that Singapore is catching up with London as one of the best business hubs in the world.

The growth of Singapore’s commercial hub remains robust. In fact, it might soon surpass London as the world’s best commercial hub.