Improve Your Website Text’s Readability with These Ideas

 Improve Website Text ReadabilityYou may have the flashiest website, but is the text or content on its pages readable? This is a practical detail that some people overlook. They think that simply including keywords is enough to get them to rank. They may get the clicks they want, but visitors may leave immediately because they can’t understand the text.

An expert in website design in Denver cites these ways that improve the readability of text on your pages.

Length of the Line

The length of text on a line is important to its readability; the ideal measurement for the pages is around 45 and 85 characters each line. This makes it long enough to make it worth reading, but short enough to attract readers. However, the length of the characters may vary depending on the settings of your website. Use your experience and know how to determine the balance between sentences that cover an entire page and short ones.

Compatibility for Desktop and Mobile Device Reading

Optimizing your website for desktop and mobile reading is a must; more and more people are using their tablets and smartphones to read news, books, and other materials. Check the features, settings and even the colors of your website to make sure they are mobile-friendly.

For desktops, the ideal number of characters per line is approximately 55 to 75. On the other hand, mobile devices require around 35 to 50 characters, including spaces. A desktop’s line spacing must ideally be 1.5 times the size of the font, while for mobiles it is around 1.75 to 2 times.

Scanning Ease

The short attention spans of many online surfers make it important to publish content that is easy to scan. Use an attention grabbing headline to intrigue a person into clicking on your links. Use bold or underlined headers, or contrasting colors to make the title pop out of the page. Numbered or bulleted text allows a reader to focus on the content’s salient points.

These are only a handful of ways to improve the readability of your text. Doing so entices visitors to return and even share the content you publish.