Is your Roof Ready for the (Storm) Rumble?

RoofIf your home is in a part of the country that experiences odd weather patterns during spring or fall, your roof is under constant attack. The high winds, debris, and hail will weaken your home’s defense against bigger calamities like tornadoes.

While it’s difficult to make your home 100% tornado-proof, you still have options to strengthen your home in case the unfortunate ever happens.

Inspection: The First Step

Before you decide on what to do, have your roof inspected by a professional first. According to the team at, professional assistance can help you evaluate the quality of your roof. While you might have a better idea of its condition, there are some damages that only a professional can spot.

There are two options when hiring experts: roofing professionals and insurance adjusters. If your home recently weathered a strong storm, an adjuster gets the claims processed for roof replacement insurance. But if there’s no damage yet, start with a roofing professional.

Shingles: For Better Storm Resistance

Even if your roof has no visible signs of damage, professionals will still inspect the quality of your shingles. In some cases, builders use roofing shingles designed to withstand any storm activity, but are weak against flying debris, hail, and strong winds. To reduce the damage during the wake of a tornado, hail-resistant shingles are your best option. These might cost more, but these also spare you from frequent roof replacement.

The Equal Importance of Installation

While high quality shingles are necessary to make your roof tornado-proof, installation is also equally important. DIY is a good idea for this step, but having a professional do it for you can guarantee better results. Plus, manufacturer warranties rely on professional installation.

Give your roof a better chance of survival in case of tornadoes or severe storms. Partner with a professional roofer and give yourself some peace of mind.