Joint Soirees: When the Bride and Groom Bid Singlehood Adieu Together

Wedding Car

Wedding CarBefore, it was a tradition for the bride and the groom to bid their singlehood separately. The groom goes cavorting with the boys while the bride gushes and opens presents with her girlfriends. Bachelor and bachelorette parties were strictly separate occasions.

But this is the 21st century — times are changing. Rather than bid singleness adieu separately, why not try doing it together?

Celebrating before the wedding is more fun when you do it with each other. Not only will your festivities have more energy, but friends planning the event can save more and add more fun to your special night. Plus it makes the planning easier and more convenient.

Win with a Fabulous Dinner and Wine

Contrary to popular belief, a dinner with your closest friends still counts as a worthy bachelor-bachelorette party. Nothing beats a special night by spending it with your friends over some drinks. To add a special touch, host your dinner in an area with local vineyards or breweries.

Find the right spot that serves your favorite dishes along with some wine. It can be pricier, but since you are celebrating together, this shouldn’t be a big problem.

Ride on a Limo or Party Bus

Yes, a limo ride or party bus with a larger group of friends is loud party in itself. According to Michael’s Limo, a local limousine service provider, both these cars are perfect, especially if you have events at multiple locations or even for a simple bar hopping night.

The enhancements available for both vary from upgraded lighting and seating with stereo system to simple cars that get your group around town.

Game On, Game Night

If you’re looking to watch your budget, a simple game night with friends is your best bet. It is also the perfect option for couples with friends who love staying in.

Board games are slowly regaining popularity with today’s set. Just get your friends together, have some drinks, and enjoy the night beating each other. You can also personalize the games by adding some trivia about you and your significant other.

Joint bachelor-bachelorette parties mean twice the fun minus the costs. Rather than say goodbye to singlehood alone, do it with your significant other for a special touch.