Keep Eating these, and You’ll End Up With Tooth Decay Sooner

Healthy Teeth In NorthbrookAlmost everyone out there have a liking for foods like candies, sweets, pastries, rice, and pasta, as well as carbonated beverages. Although you do not have to restrain yourself completely from eating them, you should not keep on doing so. These foods and drinks are some of the biggest enemies of your teeth, and when you keep indulging on them and irregularly visiting a dentist in Northbrook IL, you can expect your teeth to develop cavities a lot sooner.

Candies and other sugar-packed sweets

It is okay to eat candies and sweets, but make sure you thoroughly brush and floss afterwards, as these foods, which have a lingering effect on the mouth, can stick on your teeth, gums, and tongue. And when you fail to get rid of the remnants of hard or sour candies, lollipops, caramels, or jellybeans, your saliva will have a hard time washing them down. Glenlake Dental Care explains.

This will then prompt the bacteria in your mouth to start nourishing themselves from the remains, and the acid they produce will now begin attacking your teeth.

Sugary snacks.

Cookies, pastries, cakes, donuts, and other sugary snacks speed up the above-mentioned acid production of bacteria present in the mouth. Add this to the fact that you do not visit an oral health professional regularly, or that you have poor oral habits, and your tooth will soon have cavities in and around them.

Starchy and refined carb-full foods.

Bread, rice, pasta, crackers, and almost any other type of food made with flour as well as high amounts of starch and refined carbohydrates also serve as nutrients for the bacteria that generates the tooth-attacking acid in the mouth.

Always remember that prevention supersedes treatment and cure every time, so in addition to practicing optimal oral hygiene, make sure you also have a dentist in your team of healthcare givers.