The Lawn and the Environment: Keeping Things Healthy

Lawn with pathway

Owning a lawn in your front or backyard has more benefits than just being an eye candy or simple curb appeal. Renowned landscapers take great lengths to choose the proper plants and grass to make your lawn stunning and environment-friendly. Tim Davies Landscaping, an award-winning landscape architecture practice, offers a brief discussion on the relationship of your lawn and the environment.

Oxygen Provider

If you have a healthy lawn with healthy grass, it would be enough to provide the necessary oxygen for your space. Plants absorb carbon dioxide but give off oxygen in the process. This mitigates the effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which can affect climate and weather.

According to landscaping experts, a 635 sq. ft. or larger of green and healthy grass on a lawn can provide enough oxygen for a person for 24 hours. Lawns that are 7,500 square feet or bigger, on the one hand, can provide oxygen for 12 people for 24 hours. Moreover, healthy lawn grass can filter out pollen and dust collected in the air; thus, keeping allergies at bay for those who are susceptible.

Lawn with pathway

Natural Air Conditioner

A group of well-maintained lawns in the neighbourhood can act as a natural type of air conditioner and mitigate the effects of humid weather. It is estimated that eight regular-sized lawns that’s about 7500 sq. ft. lined up next to one another can create a cooling effect to about 70 tons of air cooling. All this fresh air will not only save you on electric bills, but also lessen the carbon footprint from using electric powered air conditioners.

Healthy and Green Appearance

When you have a lawn in your backyard and your neighbours see and appreciate it, the effect can be contagious. All of a sudden, people will want the same thing on their front yard to show off to other neighbours. This can promote a healthy environment because more plants and grass will be planted, giving off oxygen while taking in dangerous carbon dioxide. Looking at a healthy lawn also affects mood and relieves stress. It promotes learning about nature and the ecosystem, so that we can take better care of this planet.