Legal Nurse Consultant Certification and Career Opportunities

Nurse assisting an elderly woman

Typically, every attorney and insurance company needs the professional help of a legal nurse consultant who can provide medical consulting regarding a case that has a medical element. As the primary liaison between health care and legal personnel, certified legal nurse consultants review the medical records to help attorneys decide whether there was an instance of medical malpractice in the case. Some of the cases that may require this approach include, but are not limited to, workers’ compensation and disability.

The Center For Legal Studies shares some insights to help you gain a better understanding of the matter.

Career Opportunities

As a legal nurse consultant, you have the freedom to work as an independent consultant. You may also choose to work in a law firm, healthcare organization, or insurance company that needs your services. Nonetheless, you still don’t have the license to work as an attorney and offer legal advice; you are only to operate within the framework of medical practice.


All legal nurse consultant training centers require all applicants to become registered nurses have at least three years of supervised nursing experience before enrolling. Typically, the course will take one to two semesters to complete, which is dependent on the training center and your work engagements. The training will cover civil litigation, legal terminology, medical liability, risk management, and medical records review.

Ideally, certified legal nurse consultants have the expertise to help attorneys in preparing for depositions by assisting them to familiarize with nursing terminology and in understanding medical processes that could have compromised their client’s health. You will also have the professional knowledge to stand as an expert witness. While lawyers can opt to hire doctors as witnesses, they prefer LNCs since it will cost them less; therefore, you will always be in demand.