Lighting Up the Landscape with Commercial Landscape Services

Rooftop garden

Commercial landscapes are not designed only for daytime use. At night time, these should be well lit and pedestrian-friendly. With commercial landscaping services in Mills River, pathways, gardens, and lawns are illuminated at night to provide a secure path for people to walk.

Landscape Illumination

This is not just about putting up lights in a well-spaced manner. It has a purpose, according to the layout of the area. Lighting can be used to create a romantic mood or it can light up a path for safety and security. It can also be used to highlight garden features, like a marker or a tree. Additional lighting can even be used underwater with a pond. Fairy lights can also be used around a tree or shrubs.

Each of these lighting scenarios makes use of different lighting fixtures. A pole type lamp can be used along the pathway. LED and strip lights can be used can be used on benches or along the side of pathways. Alternatively, garden lights can be spaced along the sides of the path. There is a variety of choices for different elements in a landscape.

Setting up the Lights

Lights would need electric outlets, or they could be connected to the building. If there were a need for additional electric outlets, these would have to be strung out via overhead lines or through poles. If there are underground or built-in wiring under the pathway, these can also be used.

Solar lighting can also be used. These are portable lighting installations that don’t need to be connected to the electrical mains. However, as they run on solar cells, they have to be located under the sun in order to recharge the batteries.

There are many ways to have outdoor lighting for landscape purposes. These can add to the aesthetics of the area, as well as provide safety and security for pedestrians.