Make a Search Engine Friendly Website


Nseoowadays, a striking business website refers to not just a visually appealing site, but to one that is friendly to search engines as well. In fact, being attractive to the latter is even more important, if you want your site to appear in page one results.

This is what SEO services focus on when designing your business website. You can hire one of these services to take care of your digital marketing strategy. Still, to make this process easier for both you and the designers, remember a few tips to make your website as forthcoming to search engines as possible.
Here are they:

Make an SEO-Friendly URL Structure

Remember search engines count your URL and check if it is meaningful enough. For this, they employ an automated botcalled“spiders”or Web crawlers that help index your website. This means that you must make the URL structure of your site as SEO-ready as possible to facilitate the process of indexing.

Use the Right Keywords

SEO service providers like Perth-based DMB emphasise using the right keywords because search engines regard it as highly important. So be careful to find the right keywords for which you can use the Google Adword Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to get data regarding the number of Internet visitors using the keyword, plus data about the competition and the keywords that they use.

Use Images

Many times people forget that pictures speak a thousand words. Google pays a huge amount of attention to images on websites when it measures their search engine ranking. Place relevant images on your site and watch your page ranking skyrocket.

Use Social Media

Finally, remember to not just restrict yourself to designing an SEO friendly website. Instead, think of integrating social media, because search engines regard social media integration as an important factor when ranking websites. The more your website appears on Likes and Shares, the better its content that will fetch it a higher search engine ranking.

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