Misconceptions About SEO Performance

Common Misconceptions About SEOOnline marketing has made it easier for website owners to target their audiences specifically and use measurable strategies. However, there are still misconceptions about how effective their SEO performance is. Knowing these allows you to make the necessary adjustments and solidify your ranking in your chosen niche.

Low Bounce Rates

Many search engine optimization companies cite that just because your site across all pages has a low bounce rate, it doesn’t mean that your website is doing well. In fact, a high bounce rate may indicate that your content is performing excellently. If a certain page in your site already provides the information needed by a visitor, they may not have any reason to go to other pages. However, you need to consider the use of a particular page before you determine if a high or low bounce rate is good for it.

High Time on Website

Average visitor time on the pages of your website may be misleading and may not be a good indicator of the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign. The logic behind this is that the longer a visitor spends on the website, the more they are engaging with your brand. Most Minneapolis marketers think that this signals Google and other search engines that their content is top-notch. However, this is not always true; a visitor must be able to get the information they need as soon as the page stops loading.

High Pages per Visit

Brands that expect their visitors to visit their website through a published piece of content and have enough interest to go to multiple pages will be disappointed. Understanding the reason for publishing certain pieces of content and setting realistic expectations about visitor interest makes it easier to execute strategies.

Understanding these common misconceptions about SEO performance enables you to customize your strategies and funnel your visitors further down the purchasing channel.