Mistakes You Can Easily Make With Your Kids’ Teeth

Dental Care in IndianapolisYou may be taking your child’s teeth for granted. You turned out well anyway, and you didn’t have to go to the dentist that often, right? Wrong!

Your child may not have inherited your teeth or have the same eating and oral health habits you did when you were young. It’s important to avoid cavities and other oral problems as these can affect their permanent teeth.

Make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes, according to a great dentist in Indianapolis:

  1. Not dealing with sugar.

Sugar is the number one cause of cavities because it allows the enamel-eating bacteria to form and stay in your child’s mouth. After your child has eaten anything sweet or that has sugar in it, make sure they drink a glass of water and brush their teeth.

2. Not watching your kids while they brush.

You’re still the best person to supervise their brushing. Even their nannies might not pay close enough attention to how your kids brush. Missing out on one or two brushes in a month is quite fine — but you have to be there most of the time to see that they’ve gotten the food bits out.

3. Not using fluoride.

Even if you’re “going organic,” it’s important that your child’s teeth get dosed with fluoride every day to stay healthy. Sometimes, it’s also better to leave the toothpaste on your child’s teeth.

A lot of other mistakes parents make with their children’s teeth include leaving the baby with the bottle and waiting too long for the first dentist visit. Make sure you remain vigilant and never wait until your little one starts losing teeth before you take him or her to the dentist.