Money-Saving Guide for Backpackers

 Backpacker Traveller in West EndBackpacking trips can be quite expensive, contrary to popular belief, despite the impression that spontaneity leads to better deals. A little planning can go a long way. According to the Backpacker Advice Blog, saving money ‘helps prolong your trip, and can be the difference between doing or not doing that activity you planned on’.

Here is a short guide on how to save those extra bucks:

Share Lodging with a Backpacker Group

Finding like-minded people to do new things with or to learn from will surely make your travelling experiences more worthwhile. Joining online groups or applying for the Work and Travel Program at Australian Backpackers opens doors to more opportunities all while getting pointers from veterans.

There are also backpacker hostels from Resort Brokers Australia that can accommodate up to 57 people. Leasing a place with fellow backpackers will save you all the cost for lodging, which may constitute up to 60% of your entire spending.

Curate Meal Plans – And Stick to It

Backpackers often go out of their way to try all sorts of exotic dishes in every restaurant on every street. Money spent on food can be cut down by planning meals ahead.

Instead of eating out all the time, try having meals at home. Most hostels have kitchens where you can cook your own food. Doing the grocery shopping in local markets also adds to the fun.

‘Someone I recently met in Nicaragua saved a lot of money by asking around where fruit trucks passed by in the mornings,’ said a writer from Indie Traveller.

Befriend the Locals

No matter how much research you do before a trip, you can never know the ins and outs of a city the way a local does. Locals are familiar with getting around the city, whether that’s through commuting or avoiding the hellish traffic. Knowing the country’s native language or a few of their colloquial terms is a big plus.

Pinching pennies is definitely integral to backpacking. Travelling on a tight budget does not necessarily equate to having less fun.