Moving to Portland: Essential Pointers for a Smoother Transition

Moving to PortlandYou’ve recently visited Portland and have decided that this is the place for you. However, transplanting your life to this city may take a little more time and effort than you originally perceived. To make your transfer a lot more efficient, here are a few practical pointers for you.

Research The Residences – Portland is sub-divided into areas. Even if you have visited the more “fun” and “active” areas of the city, you may want to look at the residential and business areas so you can choose where you will want to live and work in. suggests you make inquiries about Portland’s mortgage and home loans companies as well.

Check Employment Options – Though the bohemian life is very much alive in Portland, going to live there without any job opportunities available is too short-term a plan. Contact online hiring agencies that have Portland hiring openings and submit your resume to them. Make sure you clarify your preferred start date since you will have to factor in your move into your job search schedule.

Pack and Prepare – Start to shift through all your stuff and segregate them accordingly. Pack those that you feel you should bring with you and set aside those you plan to sell or give away. Make sure you’ve arranged for the sale of your home, if you do have one, and have filed your resignation papers. Also, assure those you still payables that you will give them your new address as soon as possible.

Take Stock Of Your Finances – After you’ve sold your property, collected your back pay and have accounted the sale of your unwanted items, see to opening a bank account that has branches in Portland. Create a budget that includes all your relocation and transition expenses and try to stretch your savings to the best of your ability.

There are still a lot of things to do once have completed your move. However, do take the time to celebrate your successful transfer. After all, this is just the start of your new life in Portland and it still remains unwritten.