Oh, Baby, it’s Dental Pain Alert

Young boy smiling on dentist chair

Finding out a baby is on its way can be an incredibly exciting time for women and their partners. Overall health and wellbeing of women as they gestate the next generation over 9 months is paramount. Looking at diet and how mother-to-be is supported physically also includes taking care of teeth. During pregnancy, due to the hormones involved in developing a baby, teeth become more at risk of bacterial attack and more readily harmed and damaged, so it’s important to attend regular dental appointments and any work carried out with scheduled dental treatment. In Mackay, dentists are offering great support for the whole family, from pregnancy through to catering for all the little ones’ to be needs.

What Can Dental Treatment in Mackay Offer?

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the bacteria Prevotella intermedia proliferates. This bacterium significantly increases inflammation in the mouth and increases the risks of gum disease and bleeding. If poor oral hygiene is then followed, it’s likely an infection will follow, resulting in the need for dental treatment. In Mackay, dental surgeries such as Walkerston Dental, can offer support and advice, maintaining oral hygiene and treating any infections as soon as they appear rather than later when gum disease occurs. This is important as gum disease is linked to low birth weight, making it of high importance of ongoing care throughout pregnancy.

Baby, Baby

Once the baby is here and teething has begun, it is just as important for the little one to receive dental treatments. In Mackay, dental surgeries are increasingly offering specific child-centric dentistry, ensuring environments are friendly and accessible for children from a very young age. Research has proven that by giving children positive experiences of dental care, they will go on to develop good oral health care for themselves and are likely to not need dental treatment in Mackay as often as the previous generation. It’s important that from the very beginning through to early childhood, dental care is given a high priority. It’s a great idea to ring local dental clinics and find out what dental treatments in Mackay can be offered to the whole family.