Open House: Home Features that Sell

Shaking hands to close the house deal

It’s not exactly easy to sell a house. The rise of the HGTV cable channel – and with it, fixer-upper shows – means that more people know what to look for in a home. It has also inspired homeowners to do a lot of DIY renovations. Fixer-upper programs and reality shows make it seem impossible to sell the house “as is” – but those in the industry, for instance, pros at, know that it can be done with the right strategy.

In-demand Features

Maybe you’re not too hot on renovating your house or you’re still unsure whether you actually want to sell. It’s also possible that you don’t have the budget to do renovations. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know what home buyers are looking for these days. Should the time come for you to sell, these features are more likely to bring in the cash.

Quartz Trumps Marble

According to Today, quartz countertops are more popular among home buyers. This could be because quartz is easier to maintain, and it doesn’t stain.

Hardwood Floors

Carpets are out. Although they’re cheaper, carpets simply have little to no appeal among home buyers. Meanwhile, hardwood floors remain as a must-have because they are easier to maintain and they provide a cleaner look.

White Cabinets

White walls always seem to make a room brighter than it really is. The same holds true for cabinets, especially kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets can brighten up the kitchen even if there is not much natural light in the space. Cabinets in white also create a clean, crisp, modern look.

Modern Kitchen

There’s a good reason that realtors dress the kitchen to impress. Many home buying decisions are influenced by the state of the kitchen. Home buyers usually not only want an updated kitchen, they want a modern one.

Great Bathrooms

Although this might seem a little unusual, a great bathroom can actually influence sales. Depending on the price range, home buyers expect certain features in specific rooms. Blowing them away with a bathroom retreat is a sure way to get an offer.

These updates, however, aren’t always needed to sell a house. Some houses can be offered exactly as they are. If your house already hosts some of these features, then you’re in luck. Otherwise, if you’re unsure whether your place needs updating before you put it on the market, it’s best you consult professionals.