Parts of Your Home that Add to Heating & Cooling Bills

Air ConditionAs long as the manufacturer of the windows of your home have used good weather-resistant materials and have installed them properly, you can expect them to serve their purposes for a very long time. However, there will still come a time wherein they will sustain normal wear and tear and develop problems, especially when you do not take good care of them. Uncontrollable events, like harsh weather conditions, can also cause these damages.

What’s important is to ensure you have these window issues fixed right away, as they can cause a terrible blow to your wallet. Industry expert Suburban Glass Service, Inc explains that a broken window, if left neglected, can contribute to a considerable increase in your electricity bills.

Leaky and drafty windows

No matter how high you turn up your thermostat during chilly days, when your windows have leaks and drafts in them, you will not enjoy the same comfort and optimal climate inside your home. All that is happening is your electricity bills going up because you make it work harder than necessary.

The same goes true during the hot, summer season. Warm air can penetrate these leaks and drafts in your windows, contributing to the heat inside your home. So, you end up turning the thermostat lower, in the hopes of making indoor air cooler.

Faulty windows and their effects on heating and cooling systems

Apart from your leaky and drafty windows, which makes you use your heating and air conditioning systems improperly for long periods than necessary, your HVAC system will also suffer over time. Improper use of heaters and air conditioners can cut their life short, leading to the development of premature breakdowns.

The last thing you want to happen is to try to save money and end up having to pay more because you delayed repairing your windows. So as early as now, contact an experienced window repair technician to avoid these serious problems and costly damages.