Patio Covers: Why Getting One Can Enhance Leisure Time

A patio transforms your home into a terrific living space. Unfortunately, uncovered patios are not much fun, especially in extreme weather conditions. It is therefore essential to have something that protects you and your deck furniture from the elements.

Leisure expert Just Patios notes that getting covers for your patios in Brisbane is a great way to ensure you enjoy your outdoors, rain or shine. There are many style options to choose from, and here are just some of them.


To create an outdoor space resonating the Italian garden vibe, the pergola is your ideal option. Builders make them from wood beams with a curved, crisscrossed or flat ceiling. The sides may be open and made from a single piece of solid wood.

People do not ideally use pergolas in spaces exposed to extreme sunlight, high winds or heavy rains, as they are not that durable, but they are perfect for entertaining guests or relaxation.


For contemporary homes, a lattice-like patio cover seamlessly fits into your house design. This structure has thinner pieces compared to the pergola and forms a rectangular structure. They make them from durable hardwood or aluminium.

Lattice covers protect partially from weather elements and give you about 50%-60% of protection from sun rays. You can design a suitable fabric for them for extra protection, depending on your needs.


These use transparent roofing efficiently and turn your deck into an artificial greenhouse. You can have potted plants on your patio to receive sufficient sunlight. It is the perfect cover for gardeners who get to indulge in their hobby without uncomfortably soaking in the sun.

A patio cover is not only for protection against weather elements, but it can also act as a bridge between your home interior and exterior, expanding your living space. It is, by all means, a worthy investment.