Personalize Your Wedding Bands for a More Special Wedding

Diamond Stud Earrings with Reflection

Wedding rings signify the lifelong commitment you and your partner will make in your Utah wedding ceremony.

Out of everything in a wedding, the wedding rings have the most significance, and you can even let them take even more importance by personalizing them.

Choose Other Metals or Add Gems

Wedding ring personalization in Utah can be done either before or after you purchase them. Before your purchase, you can personalize your wedding bands by opting for different metals. Gold remains the usual choice, but you can use other metals such as silver or titanium.

You can even choose to have gem settings.

Change Styles

Instead of having the usual no-fuss band, you can also choose braided bands from one metal or two different metals. You and your partner can even have entirely different wedding bands to reflect each of your personalities.

When you go down this route, you can pick out one single element both your rings will share to signify your marital union.

Engrave Your Names

Now, when you want to personalize your wedding bands after you purchase them, you can have your bands engraved. You can have both your names or initials engraved on your bands.

In fact, you can use the engravings as the common element between your rings if you both choose to have differing wedding bands.

Mark Down Dates or Phrases

Other engravement ideas include the date of your wedding or the date of some other occasion of great significance to you both as a couple. A saying or humorous phrase can also work well. For example, one wife pranked her husband by secretly inscribing “Put it back on” on the inside of his wedding band.

Inscribe Promises or Vows

For more serious engravings, you can inscribe promises you will keep for each other. You can even engrave your entire vows inside your wedding band. Your vows will be inscribed by a microscopic laser, and you will not be able to read them, yet you like the idea of wearing your vows on your finger.

Personalize your wedding bands according to your wishes to make your wedding even more special.