Porsche’s First Full-electric Sports Car to Rival Tesla

Carmakers are clamoring to make electric cars. Ten years ago, only four of these were available for purchase. Now, there are 54 electric car models to choose from. The latest among them is the newly-unveiled Porsche Taycan, dubbed as a Tesla-fighter.

The Taycan won’t be in the streets until 2019, but Porsche Managing Director Alexander Pollich said that the reception for the company’s first full-electric car has been encouraging.

Porsche’s newest vehicle’s name can be roughly translated to “lively young horse,” referencing the brand’s iconic crest. It boasts a horsepower of 600 and can go from 0 to 60km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. The Taycan has a fast-charging ability. Its 800-volt charger can get the Taycan 80 percent charged in 20 minutes and has more than 300 miles of range per charge. These specs rival that of the Tesla Model S. which has a range of 294 miles and takes 10 hours to charge.

Porsche aims to produce 20,000 Taycans every year in their Stuttgart, Germany site.

Electric Car Demand

The demand for electric cars in the United States is still small. In 2017, nearly 200,000 electric cars were sold, less than 2 percent of the 17 million total vehicles sold.

Despite this, the benefits of electric cars are vast. Electric car owners no longer need to spend $4,000 worth of gasoline every year. Charging an electric car costs half as much as fueling a gasoline-powered one.

Additionally, according to Formula Motorsports, a Porsche maintenance center in New York City, engine oil and filter changes should be done every 500 to 2,000 miles. Since electric vehicles no longer use oil to lubricate its engine, the maintenance cost will be significantly cut.

These reasons are why carmakers teamed up with different states to launch the campaign called “Drive Change. Drive Electric.” It is meant to encourage more Americans to buy electric cars. Its benefits over gasoline-powered cars have long been proven. The only thing left to do is for people to realize it and make the switch.