Practical Ways to Keep Your Jewelry in Sparkling Condition


Jewelry owners cherish their collections as if they’re their own blood. It’s not so much about the jewelry’s market value as the history and memories that each piece holds.

Repairing Broken Jewelry

Sometimes, jewelry suffers mechanical damage resulting in breaking or denting. As the owner, you must always be quick to contact jewelers like Kravit Jewelers to repair your jewelry. You don’t want to risk your jewelry getting permanently damaged or losing its market value.

Constantly worn jewelry should also be regularly taken to a jeweler. The jeweler will identify any weak links or joints as in the case of necklaces or bracelets and take corrective action.

Proper Cleaning of Jewelry

Just like any other object, jewelry collects dust. That’s especially so for jewelry that’s rarely worn. It’s important that you clean your jewelry regularly to maintain it in its sparkling form.

Be careful on the cleaning agents you choose though, as some may react with the contents of the jewelry and damage it. The use of clean water and a soft cloth has been identified as one of the simplest yet safest means of cleaning jewelry.

Safe Storage of Jewelry

As a jewelry owner, the security of your gold and diamond pieces ranks high in your priorities. It may be essential to acquire a safe where to store all your valuable jewelry. There are also banks that provide safe jewelry deposit boxes for its clients. Apart from protecting them against theft, you also need to keep them safe from chemicals, high temperatures, and light, which may destroy your jewelry.

When acquiring jewelry, you must be committed to accord it all the necessary care. That way, you’re guaranteed that your jewelry pieces will maintain their value and remain in a sparkling form for years to come.