Quality Window Washing: Does the Weather Affect the Services?

Window washing

Well-made windows are your gateways to the world outside. They allow the sunlight to come into your home, bringing warmth into your space. Some home and office owners may tend to neglect them sometimes, even though their condition speaks volume about their sense of cleanliness.

The most wonderful view can turn into a bleak one with a dirty window. Everything looks better through a clean and clear glass. Although it may be a time-consuming and even a dangerous task especially for buildings, it’s an important part of proper maintenance. Fortunately, you can hire commercial washing services for all your needs.

Window washing

Rain or Shine

The weather may affect these services, as the external part of the windows need cleaning, too. As it does involve climbing on ladders, the weather conditions outside will make a difference. Many cleaners choose to clean only during summer. But, there are some service providers that offer all-year round cleaning. Whether it’s windy or wet, these professional window washing services consider it a daily job.

Some adverse conditions, however, may make it dangerous and difficult to continue the cleaning from outside. When ladders and lengthy poles used as extensions are involved, heavy winds can make it more challenging. Similarly, heavy rain or snow can make it impossible to continue working outside. In Even extremely hot days can also affect the cleaning to some extent. So, go for service providers that apply specialized cleaning methods and techniques to overcome these issues.

The Rain Myth

Washing the windows in light rain doesn’t make them dirtier. It’s not the rain that creates spots on the glass, but the rainwater hitting a dusty windowpane. In fact, it is believed that rainwater is good for cleaning the glass. Even light snow is good. There are some regions, which have snowfall or rainfall almost six to nine months in a year, and people living in these places also need to have clean panes. So, if the process isn’t dangerous, then the weather doesn’t really matter for qualified and professional cleaners.