Real Men Do Not Only Wear Pink, They Take Care of their Hair, Too!

Man Looking at Mirror

Men typically do not take care of their hair as much as women, which is an unhealthy habit. You have already accepted that any gender can wear pink. It is the time that you realise how much TLC your hair needs.

You see, around 50 per cent of men will or have gone through an amount of hair loss when they reach 50. Some even experience this at a much younger age, including those in their late teens, 20’s or 30’s. This is probably why most of them have resorted to getting an FUE hair transplant in the UK.

Nevertheless, this is nothing to be ashamed of. Here are the golden rules that not only women need to follow:

1. Wash with Shampoo Sparingly

Although this rule is not rocket science, it can be good to skip shampoo day. Some might celebrate this revelation, but it will still depend on the condition of your hair. You see, the standard cycle for shampooing should be every two to three days. Your hair needs one day to accumulate natural oils that can be healthy for your scalp. Those who have strong and healthy hair can get away with washing just once a week.

The oils help keep your hair hydrated daily, which is why there are days when it feels more relaxed and easier for you to style. Even though you can still rinse your hair every day, you just have to avoid shampooing it excessively. For men who use a lot of product, skip this rule. You need to wash your hair daily to prevent product build up and clogged pores.

2. Condition and Maintain

Think of a conditioner as a moisturiser that adds nutrients to your hair and enriches your scalp. It can tame the drying nature of shampoos and prepare your hair for the daily wear and elements. For those who want to avoid hair loss, regularly use conditioner. Some hair experts even believe that you can use your conditioner as your main shampoo as it can also remove the grime that your shampoo targets.

It does not matter if hair loss is a genetic condition because you still have to take care of your locks. Ensure that you begin employing these golden rules to protect your hair and look good in that pink top.