Retain the Sparkle: 4 Easy Ways to Care for Your Jewelry

Ways to Maintain Your Jewelry

Ways to Maintain Your JewelryJewelry is a costly investment and it’s something you need to look after. While some gems are made of hard materials like diamonds, it would be illogical to assume that they can withstand any type of abuse.

Most jewelry appraisers in Utah would advise you to take good care of your jewelry. After all, if you want to sell them in the future, you have to make sure they’re in their best condition. Here are some jewelry maintenance practices worth considering:

Be Careful with Ultrasonic Cleaners

If you know the importance of cleaning jewelry, perhaps you already have an ultrasonic cleaner. However, such a cleaner is not meant for all types of gems. The machine’s vibration can also chip or loosen the gems. If possible, leave the use of such a machine to qualified jewelry professionals.

Know When to Take Them Off

Regardless of how much you cherish wearing your jewelry, it would be a bad decision not to take them off when swimming, going into hot tubs, gardening, or doing other strenuous activities. The chlorine in water usually erodes finishes. It also causes the discoloration of metals like platinum and gold. If you would be staying in the sun for long, you should take off the jewelry because excessive heat can easily bleach some of the materials.

Beware of Rogue Treatment Experts

Treatments or enhancements are processes done to gemstones to improve their appearance and durability. Some treatment methods include heating, dying, coating, and fracture filling. You ought to work only with established treatment experts to avoid ruining your precious investment.

Inspect Your Jewelry Regularly

Examining your jewelry regularly would help you know when stones, clasps, and prongs are loose. If such an issue is not addressed in time, chances are that you would lose individual stones or pieces of jewelry. If you notice some loose components, it is important that you do not try to fix them yourself. Visiting an established jeweler to fix such issues is advisable.

The way you store your jewels always has an impact on their longevity. It would be a waste of time observing all maintenance practices if you would not store your jewelry appropriately. You should always store all pieces in the boxes or pouches meant for them.