Your Room’s Focal Point: Deciding on the Most Suitable Fireplace


Choosing the appropriate fireplace in your home can bring about a sea of change in a room. It can add a touch of elegance and charm. If chosen carefully, fireplaces can make a great spot for all the family members to gather for some quality time and bonding.

  • First, know why you want a fireplace in your house. Is it because of the cold climate or is it simply to add to the decor of your room? Once you’ve identified its main purpose, it will be easier to make the right choice.
  • The fireplace’s heating efficiency is important as you’ll be using it to warm the room while saving on electric costs. In this case, a modulated fireplace should be your choice. It switches off automatically after reaching the required room heating. Subsequently, it switches on by itself when the temperature in the room drops. With this, you can prevent overheating and are able to maintain a comfortable temperature.
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  • The overall design of the fireplace must match the decor of your room. Ask for the opinions of all family members to come up with a unanimous choice.
  • Carefully choose the heating insert that functions without air and heat having to be distributed unevenly. If decorative logs are put in, make sure they’re of the non-inflammable type and fit in snugly within the fireplace pit. They shouldn’t give it a stuffed look like cabin fireplaces.
  • If you’re looking for an environment-friendly fireplace, go for an electronic or a gas log one. This would depend on the type of heat required from the fire pit you wish to install. Fireplaces with gas connections give out a natural look with their real flames. But even though electric fireplaces don’t give out the same visual effects, they’re much more convenient. They function without vents, making them more advantageous.