Save the Sea Turtles, Save the World

Sea Turtles are one of the most enduring creatures on Earth. They are an ancient species. Sea turtles have been living on Earth since the time of the dinosaurs, and have existed as a species for more than a 100 million years. Sea turtles have survived several climate changes, several ice ages, and even asteroid impacts.

Despite them being survivors and one of the oldest beings on the planet, they are now under threat because of oil spills and massive pollution. For many tankers, having a supply of marine oils spill kits is the only way to save these animals.

Endangered Species

There are seven species of sea turtles, and six of these are endangered. They are under threat because of human activities. They had faced many hardships, and they are still facing many dangers because of human activities. Their population has plummeted because they are losing their nesting places due to coastal developments. Their eggs are poached and eaten as a delicacy. Out at sea, they get tangled in fishing nets and drown. They are affected by ocean pollution and oil spills.

Effects of Oil Spills

Sea Turtles are highly susceptible to oil spills. If an accidental oil spill happens in a sea turtle’s feeding area, their food supply will be affected, and they can also ingest oil and become covered in oil.

1. Turtles ingest oil and oil-infected prey. 

The oil affects their bodies by damaging their internal organs, immune, and reproductive systems.

2. Breathing oil vapours. 

The oil vapours will irritate their eyes and mouth and will cause internal damages on their respiratory systems. Turtles will be swimming in oil, and it will cause external burns and irritation on their bodies, and it is a potential cause of an infection.

Turtle hatchling mortality rates will increase if an oil spill happens near their nesting area. The oil will affect the survival rate of the eggs.

How to help Turtles

The solution to accidental oil spills is preparation. Oil tankers and ships should have marine oil spill kits with them at all times. If they have marine oil spill kits with them on-hand, the damage could be controlled.

The state of our oceans and the creatures that live in it are important for the survival of humanity. If you can save the sea turtles, you can save the environment and the world.