Say Goodbye to ‘Velcro Days’ with these Proven Techniques

Preschool Kids in BoardmanSome preschoolers tend to be so clingy. When you experience the same thing, do not worry because your little one will be able to overcome this with a little help from no other than you.

After you have spent several years taking care of your little baby, you’ve figured out you gotta get back to work. But the problem is, your baby, who is now a preschooler, is so clingy he simply couldn’t stop crying. You might as well at least learn to teach your little one how not to be so clingy whenever the time comes for you to leave even for just a short time.

Understand Reason Behind Clinginess

There are several reasons preschoolers tend to be clingy, KidsTown, LLC explains. Some of these reasons include an ailment, teething or simply a stage that the preschooler has to overcome. Once you have identified the reason, you could start finding ways and means to put an end to the “clinginess” and hopefully enjoy better days without a preschooler hanging on for his dear life right on your legs.

Spend More Quality Time with Your Child

Sometimes, feelings of insecurity can overwhelm a preschooler especially if you are breastfeeding him and you have been together almost every single day. What you can actually do is to try to spend more time with your little one, says Kelly Mom. Let him chip in to whatever tasks you do at home. These simple activities can do much in making your preschooler more confident.

Reassure Him When You Leave

Now add on a little experiment. Try to leave your preschooler for 5 minutes, then come back. Increase the interval over time until your preschooler realizes that you will always come back, no matter what. Mother and Baby said that you just have to keep on reassuring him that you will be back, even if your child is already upset.

Choose a Good Daycare

If you’re going to leave your preschooler at the daycare center, better choose a trusted one. For instance, a good daycare in Boardman, Ohio would have reliable staff, great facilities, and most of all a secure and child-friendly place for your little one.

So you see, you can always find means to shake off that clinginess of your preschooler. Remember that this attitude of theirs is brought about by some underlying factors. Once you have addressed these factors, then you can slowly start saying goodbye to “velcro days.”