Seeing is Believing: Budget-Friendly Visual Tricks for a Bigger Kitchen

Stylish kitchen

A spacious, well-designed kitchen is a dream come true for most homeowners. It’s not always easy getting what you want, though. Budget constraints could limit options; you need to learn to work with what you have. Instead of lamenting your small kitchen space, use optical illusions to disguise common issues like limited shelving and that over-all cramped feeling.

Let There Be Light

A quick way to make a small space seem big is to maximize the amount of natural light that enters the room. Try using thin curtains or blinds to let more light in, for instance. Moreover, keep window decorations to a minimum to avoid blocking out the light.

In the absence of windows, paint your kitchen in white or pastel colors. A low-contrast color scheme, preferably with neutrals, evokes a calm and serene feeling. shares that carefully chosen and well-placed bright colors can also help illuminate the space and make it livelier.

Show Your Inner Shelf

Enforcing the illusion that the walls are farther away opens up your kitchen space. You can do this by opting for glass cabinet doors on your shelving. Take note, though: the trick only works if you keep its contents organized.

If you prefer not to expose the contents of your shelving, use mirrored door instead of glass ones. They will reflect the available light in the room and make it seem spacious. A refrigerator with a reflective surface works similarly, too.

Another way to make the kitchen seem expansive is by using open shelves. You can also go one step further and use floating shelves. These keep the lines to a minimum and can add symmetry to the kitchen’s design.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

If you already have a small kitchen, don’t fill it up with bulky furniture and appliances. Choose compact chairs and kitchen essentials rather than ones that eat up floor space. A foldable food prep island that can double as a food trolley when entertaining guests is also a good investment.

Overall, it’s better to lean toward a minimalist look if you want a kitchen that looks spacious. De-clutter your counters and keep only the most-used appliances and a few, small eye-catching items out on display.

These are just a few ways to optimize your kitchen space. There are a lot of more useful tricks you can try, at least until you can do a full remodel or buy a new house. After all, you don’t need to break your back or your bank to enjoy a beautiful kitchen.