Sentosa by the Sea: Dining, Partying, and Water Adventures

A view of beach in Sentosa island

Man-made beaches in Singapore are a testament to the country’s innovative spirit in building an entertainment and leisure haven in Asia. Some of the most picturesque beaches are in Sentosa, whose developments have accommodated a variety of activities.

If you find yourself hankering for some seaside fun, beaches in Singapore has more than enough distractions to while away your ample vacation time.

An Adventure for Kids

Palawan beach has some of the most active tourists roaming it – beach volleyball, bars, and whirlpool baths are just some of the attractions dotting it. For vacationing families, take the kids to the amazing Palawan Pirate Ship Water Play Area. This structure has gushing fountains, splashy slides, bucketloads of water drenching anyone frolicking in its vicinity. No adults allowed, as the structure is designed to accommodate children only.

Party the Night Away

Listed as one of the World’s Best Beach Clubs, Tanjong Beach Club blurs the line between indoor and outdoor fun, and hosts numerous activities in this tropical paradise. However, it is best known for its epic beach parties featuring world-famous DJs and artists jamming along to a packed crowd. No event or holiday goes past unnoticed at Tanjong Beach Club’s pumping nightlife.

Dine and Lounge

As far as beach bar/restaurants go, Coastes is probably the essential one to experience in Sentosa. Located along the shores of Siloso Beach, its benches and lounge chairs are incredibly inviting for spending a quiet afternoon out. To fill the stomach, Coastes offers Western favourites like burgers, pizzas, and pasta, with some Spaghetti Vongole and Arugula Pizza to liven up the taste buds.

Singapore has steadily built a reputation as an all-in-one entertainment hub in Southeast Asia. One look at its tropical attractions and it’s hard not to book a flight, pack the swimsuits, and go relaxing on its pristine white sands, crashing waves, and excellent leisure experiences.