Should You Get Braces? 5 Reasons The Answer Might Be ‘Yes’

BracesSome people see braces as year-long commitments, or even longer. Others see them as fashion accessories, and can’t wait to have them installed. If you want to get one, whatever your reason, you might as well check out this list to see if you’re making the right decision.

1. Your teeth are too far apart.

Cosmetic braces have become popular in North London because of the prevailing cases of widely-spaced teeth. You might need braces if there’s even less than 1/8 of an inch between consecutive teeth. Such a space will make your gums easier to scratch and wound, points out.

2. Your teeth aren’t arranged properly.

This makes it harder for dentists to clean them. To ensure that you’re getting thorough cleaning, you should make the decision to have your teeth properly aligned and easier to maintain. You’ll be saving yourself from complications along the way.

3. Your gums and/or teeth hurt.

This is one of the more serious, if not the most serious reason that it’s time to get braces. Your gums hurting, even if your teeth are only slightly misaligned and are generally normal-looking, might mean there’s something that needs to be corrected underneath the gums.

4. You have bad breath.

Bad breath isn’t always caused by an empty stomach. Sometimes it is caused by food getting stuck between teeth, or even in the space between gum and tooth. Decaying food matter getting stuck might mean that your teeth are misaligned, are pointing too inwards or outwards, or are improperly spaced, all of which are reasons to get braces.

5. You speak funny.

Not talking about short tongue here. If there’s a whistle to your normal speech, there might be space between a pair of teeth where air blows through. Get that checked out. Air might not be the only thing that can fit through that. Small food matter could as well. The bad thing about that is, food matter might not pass through at all, but instead stay lodged and decay in place.

Braces aren’t merely for aesthetics, and that’s why you need to have the right reason before getting them – hopefully, you found it here.