Simple Reminders for Celebrating New Year’s Eve

New Year’s EveAll around the world, practically everyone — regardless of race, culture, or religious affiliation — celebrates New Year’s Eve. For most people, it is not simply the changing of the years, but the symbolic gesture of a new beginning. A new beginning, of course, should usher in some celebration.

As this comes but once a year, it makes sense to choose where and how you celebrate it, and whom you spend it with. Here are some tips to make sure this New Year doesn’t go to waste.

Celebrate with people you love

You owe it to yourself to be happy and to make someone happy this time of the year. So celebrate it with someone special. For most, this means being with family. In many Asian nations, this is the time to gather even extended family to share a meal and take part in the festivities, simple or grand.

You may also spend it with just one person, your significant other. A simple moment shared with champagne, looking out to the night sky at the fireworks as the clock strikes midnight.

You can even celebrate this by visiting charitable institutions or giving food to the homeless, particularly the children. What’s important is you don’t spend it by yourself; it’s a time for celebration and happiness.

Pick a place

Home is where the heart is, they say. So don’t think celebrating New Year’s Eve should always be in one place, your house. You can do it too somewhere you’ve never been. Sentosa suggests taking your family to the popular countdown in Singapore, for example, or maybe somewhere near the beach. Better yet, make it a tradition to go somewhere new to celebrate this holiday every year. Singapore this year, then maybe New York the next. You’ll see how different cultures celebrate the changing of every year.

Get away from the fireworks

Most people go to where the fireworks are, but there are also those who cannot stand the noise or the smoke. If this is your situation, then moving to a place you can celebrate quietly is the best option. Some people check into hotels; others go camping. This is a kindness to a family member who has asthma, and even to pets like dogs who do not appreciate fireworks.

Whatever you’d like to do on New Year’s Eve, it’s important to have a plan. Especially if you’re going to a place where tourists flock for this occasion, you don’t want to run out of slots.