Simple SEO Mistakes that Will Kill Your Online Presence

SEO SEO is one of the ways you can improve your online traffic because most people are positive about it. However, you need to exercise caution because one wrong move could be your undoing. The last thing you want is to see the traffic that you worked so hard to build cut into half or get lost completely because of a simple mistake. Here are common mistakes you need to keep off as much as you can.

Overuse of keywords or cannibalism

Expert providers of SEO services in Denver describe this phenomenon as having two or more pages describing the same subject. The similar pages will rank for those keywords. While there is a tendency to think that this is a good thing, the truth is that it is holding you back. If you are to combine the several pages into a single solid page, chances are that it will rank better and probably obtain a number one mark.

Directs that are broken or missing

In case you are redesigning or changing domain names, you are likely to retain your SEO. Make sure this is done right by redirecting from old pages to the new ones you have created. This is not easy because there is the possibility that the site structure fails to match. It is possible to lose a huge percentage of your SEO value if you fail to redirect. No one wants this to happen to them especially considering the amount of investment you put into it.

Mistakes of omission

Most common SEO mistakes are those that people fail to do which in essence is making search engine sites to ignore you. Most of the time the search engine interprets such errors as not to be indexed or displayed when search results are presented.

SEO success depends on following a few simple rules. One other common rule to be followed is not to ignore title tags and internal links. Find out what works and implement if you want to be a success.