Six Types of Earth Moving Equipment on the Market

Earth Moving Equipment There are broadly six types of earth moving equipment in the market today. It is advisable to comprehensively understand the features and use of each of the equipment. This will help you make an informed choice and hire the best-suited equipment for your needs.

There are many reliable companies that can help you hire the best possible earth moving equipment, such as

  • Excavators and Backhoe Loaders

Excavators can be used over treads or wheels. These are used to lift heavy pieces of equipment or shovel earth or debris. They have a long bucket arm which is connected to a pivoting cab. They are operated by trained workers, who sit high on the equipment to get good visibility on the work site. Backhoes loaders are normally run on tires and are suitable for suburban areas. They are like tractors, but have a bucket attached to the rear for digging and a shovel at the front, which is adjustable. These loaders are suitable for smaller jobs and when the work is to be done in a confined space. They shovel trenches, shift dirt and position components into the right place.

  • Bulldozers and Skid Steer Loaders

Bulldozers are the heaviest duty equipment in the market. They are amazingly sturdy and the most suited for shifting large quantities of debris on site. They can be used well at work sites, where there are large wide open spaces, grinding rock and rough grading. They have a huge blade in the front, which can be controlled by the hydraulic pistons. The skid steer loaders are widely used for many purposes. This equipment is on wheels and is very easy to use. For the smaller sites, the tight turning range is very helpful. They help in soil compaction and work well in mud and snow.

  • Motor graders and Trenches

Motor graders are used to shift small amounts of debris. They can help prepare the base before the asphalt is laid. They have a long adjustable blade, which is used to make the surface smooth. They can also be used for mining. Trenchers are mostly used to dig trenches to lay pipes. There are many types of trenchers available, including smaller sized ones, heavier ones and walk behind modules. These are very versatile but can be operated only by trained professionals.

Knowing the right type of earth moving equipment to use is important. So arm yourself with the right information and don’t hesitate to get some professional help.