Stop Pretending You’re Superman! Heed This Advice to Prevent a Fall

InjuryAccidental falls have been known to cause slight to serious injuries. While applying first aid treatment is usually enough for a minor injury, a severe one may likely cause you to stay in a hospital.

You’ve been experiencing those electrical fluctuations for several weeks now and recently, it has become so frequent that you decide to take a look. After checking, you noticed a couple of exposed wires high up in your ceiling that appears to have some damage on them.

Since you wanted to save money and you identify yourself as a fit handyman anyway, you got a ladder and climbed instead of calling a professional electrician for help. Before you know it, you are already being carried out of the house by paramedics that your family called.

Watch Out For Dangers

Statistical data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that serious injuries like a bone fracture or head trauma happen in one out of five instances. Such injuries could put you in a hospital for a few days, and in a worst case scenario, maybe endanger your life. In effect, your desire to save money is the very thing that will make you spend more, not to mention the risk of permanent damage such fall can cause you.

Check Your Equipment

If you insist on doing the checking yourself, you might as well examine the equipment you are going to use. Is the ladder you’re going to use the type that folds and made up of aluminium? Is it misaligned? Can it carry your weight? These are some of the things that you would want to know before you even take a single step on that ladder.

Check Your Clothing

The one you’re wearing, not those hanging in the closet! Make sure that you wear protective clothing if you really assert your intention to climb up that ladder. According to, protective clothing, if worn and use properly, can keep you safe as you climb up that ladder. You may also want to ensure that it’s not loose and fits you perfectly, lest it may also cause you to slip, trip, or fall.

Performing inspections or repairs by yourself may come naturally and you may even be an expert at this. However, there are certain tasks that are best left to professionals. Although you may have handyman skills, these may not be enough to save you in case you fall.