Stress: You Might be Worsening the Situation

Stress ManagementWith the many challenges that life presents each day, it’s impossible to be completely stress-free. How well you manage stressful situations has a significant impact on your health and your overall wellbeing. To avoid worsening your stressful situation, read on and see some things you may want to avoid when you're stressed. 

Impulse Buying

A study by the University of Minnesota revealed that stress is usually characterized with negative emotional cues such as jumpiness, worry, and anxiety. The ability to make sober decisions declines and the urge to get a quick relief increases which explain why most people engage in impulse buying; the pleasure of owning something new. Impulse buying drains your pockets and leaves you even more stressed.

Binge Eating

Current research findings from WebMD revealed that up to one million people in the U.S suffer from binge eating and other eating disorders.

Binge eating is usually directed to finding some sort of consolation which means that one ends up putting in all that junk into the system. The aftermath of unhealthy eating is a myriad of health issues, depression, obesity, and low self-esteem to mention a few.


In the search for some temporal relief, it’s easy to fill your glass with alcohol and experience the temporal stimulating buzz, energy, and excitement. What most people fail to realize is that a little stress is good for your life; it helps you stay alert and competitive.

Alcohol tampers with the body’s normal hormone functions to stress. If you form the habit of taking for a glass of wine each time you feel stressed, you will slowly be reinforcing this habit and you’ll end up dealing with a new problem of drug and alcohol addiction.

There are better ways of dealing with stress; more helpful ones that won’t just reduce your stress, but also improve all other areas of your life. The next time you feel stressed, try taking small walks or talking to a friend. Instead of engaging in harmful ways of dealing with stress, seek some professional help.