Student Struggles: Why Smart Kids Get Bad Grades

Students in computer class

Every parent wishes their kids to achieve academic success. But the path towards that is paved with challenges — in fact, with bad grades. There are many factors contributing to grades slipping and the only way you can help your middle-schooler bounce back is to get to the root of the problem. Here are some reasons your child may be struggling:


If your kid has just transitioned to middle school in Salt Lake City, they may be overwhelmed with the load of new study responsibilities and tasks. Middle school is a whole lot different from elementary school, with several assignments on different lessons, multiple teachers to keep up with, a lot of switching of rooms, and travelling from hall to hall, etc.

All these can throw off your kids’ ability to focus. Help your child by giving them a planner and encouraging them to write their tasks daily. With this, they won’t just easily monitor the activities that need to be accomplished, you’re teaching them how to be organized — a skill they would need even beyond the four walls of their classroom.


Some students are afraid to ask help from teachers. Some parents are reluctant about discussing kids’ performance at school. Some kids refuse to share struggles with parents, while moms and dads neglect to check on their kids. Lack of proper communication among parties would lead to the student suffering.

Encourage your kids to ask questions in class or privately with their teachers when they don’t understand the lessons. Partner closely with teachers assessing your child’s academic standing. In public charter schools, teachers are more accountable to students and parents. If you prefer an academic institution that has a greater sense of accountability, consider sending your kid to a middle school Salt Lake City state government supports.

Social Anxiety

Middle schoolers are becoming more conscious of their identity. This is the stage they increasingly want to belong to a certain group, as that shapes their idea of who they are. Fitting in and finding friends is important to them.

When they’re unable to do that, they would grow less confident about themselves, which can affect their academic performance. Add to that the possibility of being bullied. When this happens, the school becomes a place they want to be free from, not where they would want to learn. It’s important to gain your child’s trust in such a way that they would be willing to share with you their social anxieties.

Is your child struggling with bad grades? Get to the root of the problem. From there and only from there can you make effective solutions.