Surviving Your First Music Festival

First Music FestivalSummer is the time for music festivals and fun. Outdoor concert events are exciting and an experience worth having. But for the uninitiated, the sights and sounds of festivals can be an overwhelming experience.

The heat may cause dehydration, and the sounds may burst your eardrums. is just one of the many sound and lights providers in the UK. The sound equipment they provide boom across entire stadiums and are designed with large crowds in mind. Organisers will always tell you that it is generally not a good idea to stand right beside a bass subwoofer unless you plan to go deaf prematurely.

To avoid concert mishaps, prepare accordingly and practice a tiny bit of common sense.

Before Arriving

Before arriving at the festival, plan your outfit and put together a concert kit. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Check the weather and dress appropriately – even in the summer, rain showers can be bitterly cold.

A festival kit should contain all of the essentials: a change of clothes, several bottles of water, paper towels, soap and a stick of deodorant. If you plan to bring a phone and a camera, waterproof your gadgets in case it rains.

Invest in a bag that is resistant to theft. It is best to avoid disasters such as losing wallets and car keys at a music festival.

Try not to bring too many items, as the extra weight will bog you down. Pack light, but have all of the essentials at the ready.

While at the Festival

While at the festival, remember to drink a lot of water. Dehydration is extremely commonplace at festivals because of the heat and the rush of the crowd.

Be considerate of others, and do not push or shove. Mosh pits are fun, but remember to follow moshing etiquette – help someone who has fallen over and never slam into people who do not want to join in.

Music festivals are a fun experience. Knowing what to do and what to expect can save you from a lot of trouble down the line.