The Bare Essentials: 5 Style Tips for an Industrial Style Home

Exterior of a House

The industrial style is becoming increasingly popular today and shows no signs of going out of style any time soon. However, popularity — particularly when it comes to home design trends — usually comes with a heftier price tag. You don’t need to spend all your savings to get an industrial look. Why not start with the basics?

Bare Everything

Industrial style architecture emphasises stripped down structural elements. Think aged brick, unfinished walls, exposed beams, bare windows, and metal ductwork. Additionally, some home owners choose to keep their industrial-looking floors, aged wood or concrete, bare. If you can’t commit to a 100% authentic industrial structure, consider faux brick panels for your interior walls and go from there.

Non-Colour Palette

Industrial colours include muted and cool shades of greys, whites, black, and browns, which you could easily incorporate through worn leather, copper plumbing, aged galvanised pipes, ductwork, and exposed brick accents. Soften the look by adding some pops of colour throughout your space with soft lighting, modern art, textured rugs, throws, and pillowcases, as well as low-maintenance plants.

Into the Great Wide Open

The optimal floor plan for an industrial style space is the open floor layout. You could get the feel of this layout, even if you have a small space, by keeping your windows bare and editing out furniture pieces in your space.

Re-purposed and Salvaged Pieces

Go for used machinery, vehicle parts, pipes, and gears. Remember to stick with colder metals, such as steel, aluminium, iron, and tin, instead of warm metals like brass, bronze, and gold. Group these industrial objects together for maximum impact or highlight a big piece by itself.

No-Nonsense, Practical Furniture

Most furniture pieces in industrial-style homes are unfussy, fundamental, and pared down pieces, with simple lines and clean forms. While the industrial look is often times plain and simple, you could still keep your space warm and homey with simple, upholstered and padded pieces in a single bold or muted colour with minimal adornment and frills.

Getting that industrial look need not be expensive and complicated. Just stick to the essentials of the aesthetic and go from there as you get more comfortable experimenting with industrial pieces and you’ll soon get the right balance of industrial and homey in your abode.