The Influence of Typography on Conversion Rates

Letters“Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.”

This is a quote from Robert Bringhurst that puts emphasis on the importance of typography in the readability of text. This also rings true for graphic designers who want to attract visitors for them to read content published on a website. The typography you use on your site influences how visitors see your content and how easily they can read it.

The Impact of Typography on Comprehension and Readability

The typeface is important, but certain factors are either more than or just as important as the specific typography you use. These are the size of the type, the spacing of the lines, and the reader’s age.

  • Graphic design companies in Provo say that small font sizes and low contrast are among the leading complaints of Internet users when reading online. Aging is a factor in choosing a certain font and size because at 40, for instance, only half of the light that enters the eye goes to the retina compared to what it can at 20. Psychographics of Reading cites that all readers, especially those who have low vision, experience better reading comprehension and speeds when line spacing is at 1.5.
  • Studies have shown that bigger font sizes improve reading speeds and have a better ability to elicit strong emotional responses and connections from readers. A larger typeface, especially for older visitors or those who read online regularly, makes the experience of reading more enjoyable.

Typography is part of the big picture of a beautiful website that converts visitors at a high rate. It is also a part of your brand’s identity and personality. The right typeface is similar to choosing colors for your website. It elicits certain emotional responses and triggers associations from your visitors. These may either strengthen or weaken brand awareness and perception.