The Pure Joy of Living Alone in Your Own House

Living Alone in TowsonYou are young, single, and employed, earning a decent amount of money with bright prospects lined up. Like many millennials, you are still living with your folks, and you’re doing it for practical reasons — you want to save money.

Now that you have saved enough — your credit is great and your pay is even better, you’re ready to move out of your old room and find your own apartment. You want an apartment that’s big, with at least two or three bedrooms in a nice neighborhood. What’s a good advice? Buy a house instead. suggests talking to a mortgage broker and find houses you can afford. If you can afford a nice and sizeable apartment, you might be able to afford a simple house. Think of it as paying for rent, but the catch is you’ll be the owner once you’ve fully paid. Isn’t that what most people strive to do, to own their home?

Here’s how to make living on your own for the first time more enjoyable:

Have a Budget

Now that you’re alone, you’ll have to spend for one person, but you also only have yourself to depend on. Get with the program and have a budget. Mortgage, electricity, groceries — these are expenses you cannot neglect.

Compute how much you make and deduct all the payments and expenses, and see how much more is left. If it’s a good amount, then you can save more money. If you have too many expenses you don’t need, cut them. Cable is a candidate, so is a subscription to a magazine or a website you don’t need. Cut the landline phone if you use your mobile more often anyway.

Clean Up and Decorate

It’s tempting to be a slob if you have the house to yourself, but spend time dusting up, replacing the curtains and sheets, and taking out the items you’ve accumulated once in a while. Give or sell, as long as you can get rid of them. You’ll thank yourself whenever you come home to a clean house.

Soak Up on the Privacy

Pretty soon you might let your significant other move in, and you might even start a family. Enjoy this privacy while it lasts. By all means, wear pajamas all day if you work at home or during weekends. Catch up on your reading or Netflix. Sleep more whenever you can.

The whole point of living on your own is to enjoy more time alone. Living alone is great as soon as you get used to it and find joy in the little things that solo living can afford.