Three Most Common Mistakes when Building a Fence

fences around a property

A perfect-looking fence can drastically improve your house’s aesthetics. However, committing fence mistakes will mean bigger problems and huge costs to resolve it. That’s why most people opt to hire fence companies in Florida to do the work. So if you’re planning to install a fence or upgrade to a new one, here are the most common problems that you must avoid.

Not knowing where your real estate property boundary is

Even if you and your neighbor already had a verbal agreement about the location of the property line, it’s always better to have the actual document that’ll support it. If you accidentally built a fence within your neighbor’s property and they decide to sell their home after a few years, then you’ll be forced to remove it. So, never assume where the property line lies.

Choosing a sub-par contractor

In most cases, consumers usually base their selection on the quality of posts. However, it shouldn’t be the only factor that buyers should consider. You also have to take a look at the quality of screws and welding work to ensure the quality of the structure. When you’re looking for a contractor or even a supplier, you have to look at the connections between each part.

Not properly securing the fence

Always remember that a fencing project requires having two types of fence post–the line posts and the anchor posts. Both of these should be securely embedded in the soil. It’s especially important that anchor posts are firmly installed to the ground to secure your fences.

These are just some of the mistakes that you need to be to be mindful of when installing fences to your property. It’s always best to ask some advice from a professional to ensure that you’ll be getting the optimum service that you need.