Top 3 Business Travel Destinations for 2016

Ministry of Foreign Affairs SingaporeMixing business with leisure is not always a good idea. However, in the changing structure of business and organizations today, it seems that one way to do this without hurting the company’s policies and workings is through travel.
Business travels is a booming trend among organizations in recent years. According to Reuters, companies’ spending for business travel will only shoot up in 2016.

Travel 15 provides three countries that companies should start checking out to hold business travels and conferences for the year.


Even the world’s premier business travel and meetings organization, Global Business Travel Association, is set to dock in Mexico for its annual conference.

Mexico ranks highly among all the popular international business destinations. Despite its fame for violent trends due to the drug-war violence, Forbes reported that Mexico City is an excellent metropolis. It has a rich history and culture, and remains well known for its cuisine. Mexico, as a tourist destination, ranks high among travelers for holidays and some fun under the sun.


The Lion City remains to be Asia’s favorite business travel destination, bagging the top spot from previous competitor Hong Kong. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore attributes this from the commendable facilities and services in the country.

Any business meeting will require Wi-Fi connections, a factor easily provided in many accommodations in Singapore. In addition, travel convenience from business meeting venue to the accommodation constitutes a perfect business destination.


Another Asian country that’s a contender as a good business travel destination is Vietnam. Due to the country’s growing economy, several commercial opportunities popping up left and right.

The ease of flight and the offers of a leisurely tourist destination make it even more appealing. Vietnam offers many sights to see, historical places to go, and business ventures to accomplish.

The next time that your company is thinking of going for business trips, make sure to get a business travel management company. This will make planning easier, as they will be in charge of everything from airfares and accommodations to risk management and emergency assistance. Another benefit is that your manpower’s expenses during the business trip will be accounted to ensure cost control.