Top-Notch Indoor Gardening Solution: Setting Up LED Grow Lights

growlight plants Image property of BgBlogging via License: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

High-quality LED grow light kits have become popular fixtures for their multifaceted uses in gardens and ponds. This is because of their ability to give out intense light with less energy consumption and heat production. In addition, they also offer a much longer life than sodium, high-intensity discharge, fluorescent or incandescent lamps. These types contain bulbs that come in several colours, allowing them to mimic natural sunlight for maximum plant growth. These can also be a part of regular bulb fittings and can do without non-standard fixtures or special ballasts.

growlight plants

Image property of BgBlogging via License: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Lighting Needs

Before choosing the kit for your garden, identify the optimal lighting needs of your plants. You also need to work out the natural light intensity and how many hours in a day that requisite amount of natural light is needed. This information may be available from the tag on the plant when you buy it. you can even check online, if nothing is specified. Afterwards, make the necessary LED arrangements for getting the same amount of light indoors. If the plants you intend growing need more shade, your lighting has to be more muted. On the other hand, for vegetables that need to be exposed to strong sunlight for at least fourteen hours a day, your indoor LED grow lighting has to be equally strong.

A Mixture of Red and Blue

For gardens, a red and blue spectrum mix of LEDs is ideal. This is because photosynthesis in plants is enhanced by these two spectra. The ideal mix is 80 per cent red LED with approximately twenty 20t blue LED for successful plant growth indoors. Also, a few blue LEDs may be replaced by white lights to allow easier visibility to check out plant growth.

Ideally, hang your LEDs above the plants and keep a distance ranging from five to 20 inches, depending on the size of the plant and its light requirement. Remember to keep the light focused on the plant and not on its surrounding areas where it’s not needed. This height adjustment helps plants grow steadily both in size and shape.

Also, remember that all plants require their intermittent light and dark periods. All LED kits come with automatic timers that regulate the switching on and off of light from time to time. This saves the user the task of having to monitor it all the time.