Two Things Young People Should be saving For

Financial Goals in St LouisAs young people new in the workforce, it’s so easy to get blinded by finally making an income. Your first few paychecks were probably used up celebrating your newfound ability to earn money.

Now that the sizzle has fizzled, it’s time to sit down and look at what you can do to be a financially responsible adult. So many people are struggling with finances despite making more than enough. That’s a situation you don’t want to be in.

Your magic weapon is saving. Yes, saving. Saving, in a nutshell, means not spending all your money and putting those unspent dollars away. It’s a bit hard to save up without a goal, so here are two things you should be saving for.


When you moved out of your folks’ house, you probably got bitten hard by reality. Renting is expensive–but you don’t really know any other way, right? Buying a home is so serious that you think it’s something you’re not ready for it yet. Well, there’s where you have it wrong. As early as now, you should be thinking of getting a home of your own.

Look up loans and other financing options. After that, decide on a house for sale in St Louis, MO. You don’t have to buy right now, but this activity will give you an idea how much to save for down payment. You will realize that the monthly rent you’re paying is better off going to a mortgage on a home you own.


You can’t call one hundred dollars in a savings account an emergency fund. Ideally, you’d have six months of expenses saved in an account–and you absolutely won’t let yourself touch this unless there’s a real emergency, like hospital bills, a broken-down car, or other expenses that need to be immediately addressed. Make this your priority.

Imagine, what would you do if you get fired next week? Not to sow fear, but with today’s job market, it’s not impossible.

Set yourself up for a stress-free working life by learning how to save for the right things. Your future self will thank you!