Types Of Items In A Freight Forwarding Transaction

a freight forwarder warehouse

Companies that need to ship out their products can do so on their own, but it’s an intensive undertaking and would need additional resources especially if the destination is overseas. For this reason, they usually get the services of a third party that specializes in handling cargo.

A freight forwarder in the Philippines like Cheska Freight plays an important role in the success of your business.

Freight forwarders offer their shipping services for various products. They are experts when it comes to making sure products are properly packed, sealed, and shipped.

In case you’re wondering what items are usually handled by freight forwarders, here’s a list of some of the most common products shipped using their services.

Hazardous Items

Only the more experienced freight forwarders have the know-how and logistics for transporting hazardous items. Fire extinguishers, chlorine bleach, batteries, drain cleaners, antifreeze, chemical strippers, contact cement, and brake fluid are just some of the products shipped that need to be handled with care, literally.

The entire process of packing, sealing, and finally shipping these kinds of products need careful supervision to avoid damages and health-related risks. If a leakage happens, it will be more difficult to handle the situation. Thus, companies tasked to ship hazardous items must have a proven track record.


The food industry is one of the largest operations across the globe that enlist the services of freight forwarders for shipping their goods. These include dairy products, poultry, fish, and meat. They are collectively called as such because they are prone to spoil faster compared to other types of food. For this reason, the shipping company needs to have the right equipment and compartment systems to make sure these perishables remain fresh for the duration of their journey.


Most machineries are bulky and eat up too much space. Others come with smaller parts. Because of this, they need to be handled carefully to make sure that they reach their destination in one piece. They also need to be covered well against exposure to changing temperatures and humidity.


Similar to the machinery, vehicles have very specific requirements to properly transport them. They must be secured properly and protected against the elements, as well as against bumps and scratches because any damage becomes the liability of the shipper.


These include laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and computer hardware and should be handled carefully. In case of damage, these items may be hard to replace because some electronics are produced in limited quantity. They must also be protected against extremes in temperature, as well as humidity.


Regardless if these are made of wood or metal, there are specific requirements for handling them.

Having your products shipped to market needs expert handling, so your choice of a freight forwarder is crucial to ensuring that the items reach their destination in the best condition.