Understanding the 4 Types of Dental Braces 

For patients with misaligned teeth or jaw, an orthodontist may require wearing dental braces. Today, there are different types of braces to choose from. The Australian Society of Orthodontists has been putting a lot of efforts in improving the materials and methods for dental braces.

To give you more ideas, Casey Dentists outlines the different types of dental braces available today.

Metal Braces

Meta braces or traditional braces are made of steel brackets and bendable metal wires. With recent developments, metal braces are now lighter and well-structured. Dentists and dental labs upgraded the materials to high-grade stainless steel and apply cement to support the metal brackets attached to each tooth. This provides more pressure and support on the teeth, causing them to move slowly for better alignment.

Ceramic Braces

This type has become a popular option today. They work like metal braces, but the brackets are made of clear and transparent ceramic materials. The only downside of these braces is the discoloration of elastic brackets, which can cause marks on the teeth. That is why dentists or orthodontists recommend using high-fluoride toothpaste. You likewise need to clean the brackets more often.


These clear and removable aligners are made of elastic brackets that resemble a mouth guard. An orthodontist usually recommends this for less severe oral problems, such as discoloured teeth and slight misalignment. They are easier to maintain since you can remove them when eating or cleaning. In addition, you need to replace the aligners every two weeks for adjustment.

Palatal Expanders

An orthodontist may require palatal expanders for patients with overcrowded teeth. This type of dental braces should fit your palate to apply pressure to the back of your upper molars. It usually takes a few weeks before they apply other types of braces to correct the position of your teeth.

Now that you know the types of dental braces you can choose from, it is time to visit an orthodontic practice. Get the right braces and enjoy a better smile.